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Tips for Fall Swimming Pool Maintenance

Autumn brings falling leaves, dropping temperatures and other changes that can make your regular maintenance routine less effective at keeping your pool clean or at maintaining the correct water chemistry.

Check out our list of tips to help you make your pool maintenance more effective throughout the autumn season.

Closely Monitor pH Levels

Dropping temperatures can drastically affect the pH levels of your pool. When your pool water falls below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the water chemistry will be affected. The pH levels can also fluctuate more because of an increase in leaves, debris and rainwater or snow that may fall into the pool water.

The pH levels in your pool must be closely monitored and maintained to avoid harm to the pipes and equipment, which may result in costly repairs down the line.

Clean Leaves Out of Your Pool Daily

In addition to helping maintain proper pH levels, cleaning leaves out of your pool can also help keep your pool looking nice. Leaves can clog filters and pump baskets and cause them to work less efficiently.

Leaves can also fall to the bottom of your pool and result in stains that are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Avoid letting leaves and debris accumulate in the water or on the bottom of your pool by always cleaning it out thoroughly.

Test Pool Heaters or Inspect Your Pool Cover

If you are leaving your pool open for the winter, be sure to test your pool heater and have it properly maintained so that it is functioning properly.

If you are closing your pool for the winter, you should inspect your pool cover for any tears or unusual wear that may prevent it from performing to its fullest extent.

If you find a problem, there will be plenty of time to purchase a new cover or get your pool heater fixed before the issue causes larger problems with the maintenance of your pool.

Get More Pool Maintenance Tips

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