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Throw a Christmas Pool Party!

Deviate from the usual secret Santa and white elephant get-togethers and spice up the season. If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate where being outdoors on Christmas is not only possible, but enjoyable, throwing a Christmas Pool party is a great way to switch things up. Here are a few ideas for party looks/themes to make your party one your guests will never forget.

Keep it Classic

Bring the Christmas décor outside with some classical holiday trappings. Grab the poinsettias, twinkle lights, and even the Christmas tree and move the party to the pool. Line the border of the pool with red and white poinsettias; wrap any nearby trees with lights, or string them over the pool to make the area feel cozier. It might sound weird, but you can put the tree in the middle of the pool.

Christmas Party Decoration












You can buy long Christmas tree stands for artificial trees to keep them above the water. Floating the tree is also a good option, but it might work better if you have a smaller tree or one made of a lighter material.

Add a Little Whimsy

Santa Claus is typically associated with snowy weather, but don’t you think he’d enjoy warmer weather a bit more? Stuff a Santa suit, lay a sun hat over his face, and let him float around the pool on a lounger.













Buy thick sheets of foam board and attach lawn decorations to them – you can create a mini ocean with polar bears and penguins floating on homemade icebergs.












Make it Elegant

Sometimes when it comes to decorations, less is more. Float your favorite shimmery ornaments on the surface of the pool and string up some lights in the trees for a beautiful after-dark effect. This look creates a reflecting pool once the sun goes down and allows the Christmas magic to shine full-force!




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