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The Best In-Ground Pools, Decks & Fencing for Young Families

Anthony & Sylvan provides a variety of pool, decking, and fencing services, but keeping children safe is a number one priority. Whether you are installing a new pool or need to renovate certain aspects due to a new family member coming along, our team of experts can help make your pool areas safe.

Over 250 children drown in the United States every year, but there are certain measures parents can take to lower the risk of accidents and injuries occurring. There are also other preferential aspects that will save money and make swimming areas more comfortable to young families.

In-Ground Pool Options

Anthony & Sylvan Pools offers concrete and fiberglass in-ground pools, which both have their own positive elements.

Concrete In-Ground Pools

Concrete pools can be more expensive, but they also allow for customization. A “beach entry” is a popular option for families with young children; these allow for a gradual slope into the pool instead of stairs or ladders. Concrete pools also allow custom depths throughout the pool, keeping deep areas safely away from entries.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools

Fiberglass pools come in premade sizes and shapes, and are made in controlled factory settings. For a family starting out, finances might be tight – fiberglass pools require little maintenance and chemicals due to their nonporous surface that does not allow for algae to grow. Their shells are also nonabrasive, meaning little ones won’t get sore feet from rough surfaces.

Decking Options for In-Ground Pools

Choosing the appropriate decking to surround your pool is one of the most important factors. Young families generally want something that will stay cool to touch and that is slip-resistant. Concrete decking is the most cost effective option for families watching their pennies, but adding a slip-resistant finish will keep you and your children from having unintentional falls into the pool or on hard surfaces. Keeping surfaces cool to walk on is also important, stone materials in decking areas can add texture while withstanding hot temperatures.

Fencing Options

There are a variety of materials the fence around your pool can be made with including wood, aluminum, and vinyl. The type of fencing you choose should reflect and complement your family’s lifestyle, as well as provide an element of privacy and safety. Fencing is the most agreed upon pool accessory that will keep children safe. The Center for Disease Control states pool “…fenc[ing] should be at least 4 feet high” and that gates should be self-latching and open outward.

Choose Anthony & Sylvan Pools for In-Ground Pool Installation

Personal preference, children, budget, and other factors will factor into what type of pool, decking, and fencing is appropriate for your family. Anthony & Sylvan Pools is happy to provide consultation to families considering a new or renovated pool.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools by phone at 1-877-729-7946 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free pool consultation.

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