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Stunning New York Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are one of the most common pool types available and for a good reason. They’re affordable, durable, and strong enough to add custom pool features.

Concrete pools can be completely custom-built, so your dream pool could theoretically come in any shape or size you desire.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools are America’s most experienced pool builders, and we can help you turn your dream pool into a reality. Take a look at some of the stunning concrete, inground pools we’ve built for our New York clients.

New York Concrete Pool with Rock Waterfall and Stone Pool Decking

This geometric pool offers clean, sophisticated lines. The rock waterfall and natural stone pool deck and pool coping offer an organic look and feel, and they also complement this particular New York home’s chimneys.

Laminar jets shoot arcing streams of water into the pool which is lit up with bright, blue LED lighting. The lights, jets, and rock waterfall all combine to put on a stunning pool show.

NY Pool
Concrete pool with rock waterfall and stone decking.

Freeform New York Concrete Pool with Landscaping & Waterfall

This inground pool adds to the beauty of this lush New York backyard with a freeform shape, which offers a more natural appearance. This pool shape is combined with other organic elements such as tasteful pool landscaping, stone pool coping, and a sheer descent waterfall.

Instead of a pool, it more closely resembles a tropical lagoon, so everyday this pool season can feel like a getaway!

NY Pool
Freeform pool with landscaping and waterfall.

New York Concrete Pool & Raised Spa

This freeform New York concrete pool offers a unique yet symmetrical shape, which incorporates a raised spa.

The pool’s deck uses natural stone pool decking. This stone’s color looks classic and refined in combination with the tile accents and the architecture of the home and pool house.

NY Pool
Concrete pool with raised spa.

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Your dream home isn’t complete without a custom pool and spa. Anthony & Sylvan Pools can help you design and build your dream pool. Request a custom concrete pool consultation online today.

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