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Pool Heater

There’s nothing more relaxing than a heated pool or spa. With the help of a digital or electric pool heater, you can ensure that your pool is always set to the temperature you find most comfortable. Having a pool heater is much like having someone constantly monitoring your pool’s temperature. If the water temperature changes, the heater will automatically turn on and start working to raise the temperature back to the predetermined level. Once the ideal temperature is reached, your heater will automatically turn off.

Digital Pool and Spa Heaters use high-energy efficient systems resulting in fast heat-up times and low long-term operating costs. They are designed to save space while working hard and blending quietly into your backyard environment. In addition, they are easy to use and can include features such as:

  • Microprocessor controlled thermostat with easy adjustments and a digital temperature display
  • Onboard diagnostics to help make troubleshooting fast and easy
  • Remote control compatibility for easy integration with either the simplest or most complex control systems operating your pool or spa
  • Self-adjusting stainless steel burners that will burn cleanly and efficiently and can compensate for varying gas pressures
  • Wind-resistant design to ensure the heater runs efficiently even in windy conditions

Electric heat pumps will heat your pool or spa economically saving you money and offering the ability to enjoy your pool or spa year-round. Utilizing an environmentally safe, high-performance refrigerant, a heat pump transfers the heat from the outside air to your pool. Installation is easy, since there are no gas lines to install or propane storage tanks to purchase. Set the electronic thermostat the same way you would set the thermostat on your central air conditioner, and your heat pump will maintain the temperature of your pool or spa to within 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Some basic features include:

  • A heat exchanger that heats water faster and more efficiently
  • Compressors that are 20-25% more efficient and 50-60% quieter than conventional reciprocating compressors
  • Off-set plumbing for easy installation
  • Corrosion-proof cabinet with an easy access panel
  • Dual electronic thermostats for independent temperature control for your pool and spa

So if you want to stop relying on the sun to warm your pool or you want the opportunity to extend your swimming season, turn to the experts at Anthony & Sylvan – they’ll help you select the pool heating option that will best meet your heating needs.

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