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Pool Control Systems

Pool control systems help automate the functions required to control your pool. Automation allows you to conveniently operate your pools’ controls from spa jets, lights and heater, even when you aren’t home.

Instead of heading into the backyard to adjust valves and flip switches, an automatic pool control system gives you the freedom to remain indoors and adjust these controls with the push of a button. You can even operate your pool from your mobile device.

These increasingly popular systems allow you to use a sleek LCD panel placed by your backdoor to give you control over your pool and spa temperature, illumination, jets, fountains and water features, valves, and more.

These pool control systems are also designed to ensure that all of your equipment operates at peak efficiency, using the least amount of energy possible—keeping your costs low. Some systems are designed to recognize conditions within your pool or spa that could hamper equipment operation, and then take automatic corrective action to remedy the situation.

Learn more about some of our featured control systems below:

Supplies_Pool_Products_ControlSys_intellitouch_clippedPentair IntelliTouch

The Pentair IntelliTouch control panel allows you to schedule and operate your pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles, all from the
comfort and convenience of inside your home. With just one touch, you can control systems in your pool or spa as well as landscape lights, features, and more.

Supplies_Pool_Products_ControlSys_aqualink_touch_clippedJandy AquaLink Touch

The Jandy AquaLink Touch allows you to control the water jets, lights, pump speed and temperature settings all without stepping foot outside of your home. Set your water temperature to be warm and ready for your evening swim.

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