Pool Chlorinators - Saltwater and Automatic Pool Chlorinators

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Pool Chlorinator

Maintaining the chemical balance and chlorine levels in your swimming pool is one of the most important aspects of pool ownership. Testing and balancing your pool water can be a tedious and time-consuming process, making a pool chlorinator an excellent time-saver for busy families. Pool chlorinators offer an efficient and maintenance free way to chlorinate your pool.

Automatic Pool Chlorinators

Automatic pool chlorinators work with your pool’s existing pump and filter system to regularly deliver chlorine to your pool’s water. They utilize any size slow-dissolving sticks or tablets, and can then be adjusted using a control valve to ensure that the desired amount of chlorine is released.

Floating Pool Chlorinators

Floating pool chlorinators are also available. Simply fill them with chlorine tablets and place them into the pool water. Tablets will slowly dissolve, providing a continual dose of chlorine.
The use of a pool chlorinator will save you valuable time when compared to manually regulating your pool’s chlorine levels. Regular water testing is still important to ensure that the chlorine levels are in harmony with the alkaline levels and are not producing an overly acidic environment.

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