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Pool Openings & Closings

As the weather starts to turn warmer or as the season comes to an end, Anthony & Sylvan can help you with all of your swimming pool opening and closing needs. Our trained and experienced service technicians can get your pool summer ready or safely prepared for the winter.

View a complete list of pool opening and closing packages or take a look at the services that come standard with every pool opening or closing:

Pool Openings

  • 33-point pool opening check list
  • Reassembly of all equipment disassembled at closing
  • Complete system diagnostic
  • Heater will be test fired (if applicable) (LP tank must be full)

Additional services are also available upon request*:

  • Cover removal and cleaning
  • Opening chemicals (algaecide, mineral remover and pool shock)
  • Pool vacuuming (available by the hour

Pool Closings

  • 33-point pool closing check list
  • Removal of equipment drain plugs
  • Installation of winter plugs (plugs provided by homeowner)
  • Clean filter tank (water supply to be provided by homeowner)
  • Exclusive Anthony & Sylvan freeze damage guarantee

Additional services are also available upon request*:

  • Cover attachment
  • Closing chemicals (includes algaecide, mineral remover, pool shock and Bor-x , a slow dissolve winter algaecide)
  • Pool Vacuuming (available by the hour)

We can service all types of pools, multiple filtration systems, floor cleaning systems and any equipment required for pool closings not provided by the homeowner (i.e. winter plugs, expansion bottles, anchors or lawn tubes required for safety cover attachment or water tubes).*
*Additional charges may apply

Let Anthony & Sylvan help take the stress of opening or closing your pool off of you. Schedule your pool service appointment online today.

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