Pool Renovations in Doylestown, PA- Remodel or Update Your Pool

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Pool Renovations in Doylestown

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your pool for a more contemporary look or your old pool needs a little TLC, pool renovations are a great way to turn your current pool into a fun and beautiful oasis for your friends and family to enjoy.

Types of Pool Renovations

Choosing to renovate your pool doesn’t always mean a total reconstruction. Consider these common ways families renovate their Doylestown pools:

Upgrading: Many families choose to build a simple in ground pool and later upgrade as their budget allows. You can upgrade the decking, tile, coping, finishing and even add features like waterfalls or a spa to your current pool design.

Total Renovation: During a complete pool renovation, everything changes from the pool pumps and equipment to the tile and coping. Similar to building a brand new pool, pool owners have a chance to create the pool of their dreams with customized features.

Pool Equipment Renovation: If you already have the pool of your dreams, but you want to change or upgrade your water equipment, Anthony & Sylvan’s Pool Renovation Center in Doylestown is the place to turn. Pool owners have the option to switch to a salt water system or install self-cleaning equipment and auto-covers for their in ground pool.

Backyard Features: A helpful pool renovation to complete your backyard paradise can include pool fencing or a shed to house chemicals, equipment and toys and floats. These pool renovations also help add safety to your family’s backyard.

Doylestown Pool Renovations from Anthony & Sylvan

For Doylestown pool renovation inspiration, check out some of Anthony & Sylvan’s previous pool renovations in our Online Pool Renovations Before and After Gallery.

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