Tips for Planning the Best Backyard Bash - Pool Party Tips

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Tips for Planning the Best Backyard Bash

DOYLESTOWN, PA – July 26, 2018 – We’re well into the summer, and now is the time to throw the greatest backyard pool party of the season. Swimming pools can serve as little summer getaways, just a stone’s throw from home. Anthony & Sylvan Pools, America’s premier in-ground swimming pool and spa builder, wants to share a few tips to help you have the best backyard pool party of the summer.

Pool Party Planning Advice From Anthony and Sylvan

Here are five ways to have fun by the pool, while also staying safe:

Stay Hydrated and Protected

One of the most important ways to beat the summer heat is to keep your body hydrated all day long. Before your guests come over, set up a fun hydration station so that everybody can stay healthy and safe. Sometimes it’s hard to feel the heat of the sun, or realize you’re dehydrated, once in the pool. Make sure that everyone is suited up with sunscreen and that there is available shade to avoid sunburn and skin damage.

Prep Your Pool

Who wants to swim in an unsafe and dirty pool? Check the pH and chlorine levels a few days before the party to make sure everything is balanced and safe for swimmers. Do a test run of any jets or lights that you have in the pool for proper functioning. Lastly, prep the pool right before guests arrive with a good vacuuming and skimming, leaving the water crystal clear all day.

Add Fun Games and Toys

Whether it’s in the pool or on the grass, games are always a fun way to bring everyone together for some fun. Set up a game of badminton or soccer in the yard, and when everyone is getting hot, switch to the pool for a volleyball tournament or basketball game. Toss in a couple of pool noodles to make the rules more interesting.

Be a Great Host

There’s no worse feeling than feeling like you’re an inconvenience in someone’s home, even as an invited guest at a party. Anticipate that some of your guests might forget their towels and sunscreen at home, or that they may want something to put their bathing suits in after getting changed. Make sure you’re prepared with towels and goggles and even enough rooms for people to change. If you remember to be considerate and hospitable, they will want to come back for the next summertime pool gathering.

Designate Someone as Lifeguard

When throwing a pool party, especially with children, it’s crucial to always have someone on lifeguard duty. Even if the pool is small and the guest list short, accidents can happen, so it’s important to have someone on watch at all times. The most fun pool parties are the ones where nobody gets hurt!

“Backyard pool parties are some of the greatest events of the summer, and these tips will help make them even greater,” said Tom Casey, Vice President of Sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “They’re a nice way to bring together family and friends for bonding, and to capture fun memories of summer to hold onto.”
With these helpful tips from Anthony & Sylvan Pools, you are sure to host the best backyard pool party of the season.

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