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Pool Party Ideas for Memorial Day

Memorial Day exists to honor the fallen soldiers who served the United States military. The federal holiday takes place on the last Monday of the month of May. In observance, many people all over the country throw parties, gather for festivals, watch parades, and celebrate our freedom.

The loss of the soldiers we honor on this day has allowed the American people to maintain their freedoms and enabled them to safely enjoy time with family and friends.

With the coming holiday, many pool owners begin planning pool parties to commemorate the day with social gatherings. Anthony & Sylvan offers a variety of products and services for maintaining quality pools and creating fun, festive backyards.

Lighting & Decorating

Pool lighting from Anthony & Sylvan offers customers vibrant colors and custom options for light shows. This Memorial Day, customers can choose fiber optics or LED lighting to showcase our country’s colors: red, white, and blue.

Everyone loves taking a break in the shade from time-to-time to talk, relax, or read. Decorating poolside structures with bunting, streamers, and flags will add festivity to your Memorial Day weekend party and create beautiful, patriotic surroundings.

Backyard Grilling

Nothing says ‘America’ like an old-fashioned barbecue. Ring in the summer season and enjoy the holiday outside. Cook meals al fresco with Anthony & Sylvan’s outdoor grills, kitchens, and fire pits.

Make classic summer favorites like red, white, and blue potato salad and decorate sweets with patriotic colors in sprinkles and other toppings. Implement outdoor-friendly and colorful foods; garnish and accessorize drinks and plates with foods like strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, and vanilla ice cream.

Party Essentials: Fun Accessories

Stock up on the latest and greatest accessories from Anthony & Sylvan to add some fun to your pool party, available online or in-store. Products we love for Memorial Day include the blue and white Aqua Drifter Lounge Chair, USA Competition Poolside Basketball Game, Super Combo Water Volleyball/Badminton Game; and the inflatable Liberty mattress, ball, and tube.

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