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A beautiful pool at night in the winter.
Howard Johnson Pool 1950'sGoing back in time and remembering the “good ‘ole days” is gaining popularity in these troubled times. Childhood memories allow us to reminisce about times when life was simpler and summer vacations with your family were what you looked forward to sooooo much you could hardly stand to wait until school was finally out. You were finally FREE…no more homework, no more books, no more cares!

Anthony & Sylvan Pools was with you even back then, just as we are today! Our history is replete with building small commercial swimming pools at hotels and motels up all around the country…the same places you stopped as your Father drove to those far away destinations every summer. How many of you enjoyed those overnight stays at a Howard Johnson motel just as much as you did going to Grandma’s house? (I’ll never tell…)

Maybe the motel visit was enhanced by swimming in the Anthony Sylvan pool for hours while Mom did a quick load of laundry or Dad re-packed the luggage on the roof rack. Ahhh, the simple life!

Going through the archives (approaching over 75 years worth) recently, I found this postcard of a place near the Willow Grove interchange of the Pennsylvania turnpike showing the A&S Pool adjacent to the motel for families to cool-off in after a long car ride.

Take a good look. It’ll help transport you back to those times and those memories…they’re still there, you know?

Anthony & Sylvan Pools – for more than 62 years, families have been swimming in pools that we built, whether in their backyards, or on the road. No wonder they say – “Where America Swims”

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