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No Rush In Texas!

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

Frequently pool prospects fear being rushed into a BIG decision, especially when they have no experience in making that decision, and are relying on others to help them. It is “foreign soil” to many and it generally lengthens the selling cycle and can delay the full implementation of a project that provides years of happy returns on that investment. There is no “foreign soil” when it comes to Anthony & Sylvan…especially in Texas, where a recent customer – D. Richards – replied to a marketing survey this way when asked what he liked the most about his visit with one of our Design Consultants. Here was his response:

What about the appointment did you like the most?

“We kept Phil all afternoon and not once did he seem impatient or rushed. He answered every question, offered wonderful advice and was in every way a professional.”

No rush there! Phil Kinney provided what every potential pool buyer asks for the most…patience.The fear of purchasing a swimming pool in their backyard is both exciting and uncertain – and helping them with questions, without rushing them, actually speeds the purchase process!

Thanks Mr. Richards, and thanks to Phil Kinney for not rushing!

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