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New Pools & Renovations

With over 75 years of experience, Anthony & Sylvan is an exceptional swimming pool builder serving the Westport, Connecticut area. Our knowledgeable staff has experience helping customers design, build, and customize their dream pool. We take pride in our business at Anthony & Sylvan and can’t wait to serve you in the Westport, CT area!

Sitting between Fairfield and Norwalk, Anthony & Sylvan’s Connecticut pool design center serves a large coastal area in Connecticut. The coastal setting is the perfect place to create your own private oasis with a custom concrete pool or a fiberglass pool.

Nationwide building capabilities. Because our company is nationwide, our team has experience working in sand or rocky soil. We can do it all. Our versatility and flexibility sets us apart from the other pool companies in Westport, CT. No matter what type of surroundings you have, Anthony & Sylvan can build or renovate your inground pool.

Creating custom new pools. Our team in Westport has experience building custom inground pools, both concrete and fiberglass. Our design team will meet with you and go over everything step-by-step to make sure that you get exactly what you want, even down to the types of lights that are used in your pool. Available features include: water features, tiles, mosaics, heaters, finishes and more.

Renovating existing pools. The Westport team also performs pool renovations, including resurfaces and redesigns for existing pool owners. Our renovation team is experienced with a variety of pools from different pool builders and can help you upgrade your inground pool today. We’ll renovate your pool even if we didn’t build it. How many other pool companies can offer that same satisfaction as we can?

Need to Finance Your Pool in Westport, CT

We offer amazing financing options for you and your budget. Determining how you will choose to finance your new pool and/or spa is half the battle. At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we’ve teamed up with some of the nation’s most experienced and largest providers of home improvement financing. This makes it easy for you to choose what qualities you want in a financing option.

Why Choose Anthony & Sylvan Pools in Westport, CT?

With our extensive experience and friendly customer service, you won’t find another pool company that is as passionate as we are at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. We build and renovate your poolscape with you and your preferences in mind so that you can get the pool and spa of your dreams.

Visit Your Local Westport Design Center Today

Find your new pool or renovation with the team at the Westport Design Center. Learn all about the custom features, designs, and more available from Anthony & Sylvan Pools. To get in touch with our Westport Design Center, fill out our online contact form or call us at 203-998-0085 today.

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