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Pool Design Drawings Made the Sale

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

Deborah H. recently responded to a Marketing Survey for Anthony & Sylvan Pools in the Mid-Atlantic Region and one of the items that was most evident in the survey response was just how visual the purchase of an in-ground swimming pool actually is. Anthony & Sylvan offers many solutions to the age-old problem customers wrestle with of actually trying to “picture” what a pool builder is proposing in their yard.

Investments in computer technology have assisted our talented team of Design Consultants to develop backyard environments for years, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes a prospect just needs a little more than a computer rendering to make a purchase decision. Here is what Deborah had to say when asked what she liked most about the free in-home consultation with Brian Syvrud:
“Brian did some drawings for us and they really sold the pool. Seeing it laid out made all the difference.”

A&S takes the time to walk a customer through the pool building experience – even to the point of laying the pool out on the ground so that a customer can see visual evidence of how much room it will take up in their yard, how the traffic will flow around the pool relative to the existing structures, and how the pool decking will orient itself with the path of the sun; all very important factors in the decision to build.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools – laying pools out for over 75 years!

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