How to Keep Pets Safe at the Pool - Inground Pool Safety Tips

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe at the Pool This Summer

DOYLESTOWN, PA – July 30, 2018 – With summer in full swing, there’s one place everyone in your family wants to be – poolside! But it’s not just the kids you need to keep an eye on. In all the fun and excitement that surrounds a backyard pool party, it can be easy to lose track of your pets. Anthony & Sylvan Pools, America’s largest builder of in-ground swimming pools and spas, has some tips on how to keep your fur babies safe in and around the water.

Tips for Pet Safety Around the Pool

Teach your pet to swim

Being able to swim will help prevent or alleviate any dangerous situations your pet encounters. And even if your pet is a confident and comfortable swimmer, always keep a pet life vest on them when they interact with the water. Pet life vests come in every shape, color and size so your pet will be comfy and visible, both in and out of the pool.

Have the right equipment

Start with a fence around your pool. Accidents can happen when a pool is not in use, and a fence prevents your pet from getting on the deck without your knowledge. A pet-safe ladder to help them in and out of the pool is a good idea if your pet likes to swim but has trouble getting out. And, a pool alarm system can warn you of disturbances in the water when you’re not around.

Be prepared

It is vital to learn pet CPR in case of an emergency. Know the signs of heatstroke, which can occur even in the water. Know the phone number and location of the nearest animal hospital and its hours. And, before your pet goes outside on a sunny day, cool your deck down by spraying it with water, as their paws can burn on hot ground.

Provide the right care before, during and after

Make sure your pet knows basic commands, especially “come,” to ensure they get out of the pool when you want them to. Provide lots of drinking water so they aren’t tempted to drink pool water. And, always rinse your pet off after they’ve been in the pool. Pools contain chlorine and other chemicals necessary for keeping the pool clean, but these chemicals might irritate a pet’s skin if left to dry.

“Swimming pools are fun for the whole family, and that includes pets, whether they are a lifelong lover of water or just happy to lounge on the deck,” said Tom Casey, Vice President of Sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “By having the right equipment and knowledge to care for your pet, you can help create a safe environment for all.”

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