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Going “Green”

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

In an effort to conduct business more responsibly, especially in an “environmentally friendly” world, Anthony & Sylvan Pools has now posted their Dream Catalogue on-line to help reduce the tremendous amount of paper brochures that typically accompany any pool season.

In the past, more than 30,000 copies were printed every year, felling forests from coast-to-coast unneccesarily. Like many progressive companies, Anthony & Sylvan has responded to market sensitivities in a very progressive manner and the customer feedback has been very positive thus far.

People want to view the design possibilities with a company like A&S, and they look favorably upon the ease-of-use of the on-line version, so it’s a match made in heaven. Less paper, quick access and high quality…sounds like Anthony & Sylvan leading the way once again!

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