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Geometric Pool Customizations

A geometric pool is a pool that is designed with straight lines to create a fresh look. These pools are often referred to as classic pools, formal pools, or even Roman pools.

Geometric pools feature a clean design, and because of this, they are the perfect pool to customize to best fit your personality.

There are many ways to customize a geometric pool. Read on to discover Anthony & Sylvan’s pool customization suggestions.

Water Features

Water features are one of the best ways to liven up any pool shape, and the pool options for water features are well-suited to geometric pools because there are both fun and sophisticated choices available from Anthony & Sylvan.

Laminar jets shoot smooth arcs of water into the air from the side of the pool, and these streams can go as high as seven or eight feet. They are both impressive and fun as the streams of water are safe for children to play in.

Sheer descent waterfalls are available for every pool shape, and they create a curtain of water that flows seamlessly from the edge of the pool into the top of it. The fluid motion especially adds a natural, classic touch to geometric pools.

Custom Pool Features

Custom pool features can add a modern appeal to the classic design of geometric pools. Anthony & Sylvan has a range of choices to suit your tastes.

Vanishing edges give geometric pools the illusion of appearing larger as the pool’s water level remains completely full. When a person enters the pool, water flows over the pool’s edge. This edge usually looks over a sloping backyard providing a beautiful view as well.

A raised spa with a spillway is also a great option for a geometric pool. The spa sits above the pool, and the addition of a spillway creates a similar effect to a sheer descent waterfall. The sound of the spillway cascading down on the top of the water will make you believe you’re in the middle of nature.

Pool Lighting

Geometric pools are a great design addition to any home, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to admire your pool’s classic look at night as well.

Pool lighting is a great way to keep your pool illuminated and safely visible at night.

Most lighting features for pools involve the use of LED lighting or fiber-optic lighting, and when combined with laminar jets, the streams of water can be used to create a fantastic light show.

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