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Our Favorite Pool Lighting Designs

Anthony & Sylvan Pools specializes in custom designs, embracing every aspect of the pool from base material to backyard landscaping. But perhaps one of the more overlooked aspects of pool design is the lighting.

The lighting you choose isn’t simply to make the pool visible at night or to allow you to swim when it’s dark; lighting has the ability to fuse style and functionality, making your pool the highlight of your home. Regardless of the look you’re going for, Anthony & Sylvan can help.

Ethereal Glow

The pale green color of the LED lighting used in this flowy freeform pool gives it a truly otherworldly glow. By switching out a harsher white light for a soft green, the designers of this pool make it appear as if the pool is part of the beautiful woods that surround it.

The pure white accent lights highlighting the fountains between the two levels of the pool and the rim of the raised spa, add a beautiful halo of light to some of the pool’s most important features.

Lighting options
Backyard pool lighting for freeform inground pool and spa.

Strategic Placement

In a yard already lit for night entertaining, the owners of this modern geometric pool chose a more subtle approach to their pool lighting. Equipped with a few well-placed white lights and some beautiful purple accents, this pool and spa leave just enough shadow to create an air of mystery while still staying safe during a refreshing night swim.

Modern custom pool
Geometric pool with raised, tile-accented spa and custom lighting.

Setting the Mood

One of the great qualities of LED lights (aside from not having to replace bulbs) is their ability to change colors with the flip of a switch. The beautiful violet glow emanating from this pool can be changed easily to a vibrant red or a gentle blue. Lighting like this allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Custom pool build
Colorful custom pool lighting, raised spa, and waterfall.

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