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Our Favorite Concrete Pool Designs in Houston

Concrete is a strong, durable material for building an inground pool that will last. It offers the the structural integrity and durability to build custom pool designs of almost any shape and size and flexibility to add tons of great-looking pool features.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools is America’s premier pool builder with over 75 years of experience. Take a look at some of our favorite concrete pool designs in Houston to get inspiration for your dream swimming pool.

Backyard Houston Pool with a Raised Spa and Waterfall

This concrete pool design in Houston, Texas makes the best use of a small backyard. The design offers a beautiful asymmetrical shape, and offers a narrow walking path around the pool while still allowing for a healthy amount of green space, which was required by the permitting jurisdiction.

This particular pool features room for poolside lounges and a table. The raised spa offers a nice separation between adults who want to relax and their children who want to play. The natural stone pool coping and sheer descent waterfall curtains add a touch of elegance and upscale flair.

Pool and spa plus water features
Pool and spa combination with natural stone coping and sheer descent water features.

Texas Combination Pool and Spa with a Vanishing Edge

This freeform San Antonio pool design compliments its beautiful surroundings and breathtaking view. The freeform pool shape and small size allow it to fit in a backyard that has limited space. The vanishing edge makes this inground pool feel larger than it is, and it opens up onto a majestic view of nature.

The spa is integrated into the pool, so you can conveniently go back and forth without having to get out of the water. Between the view, the freeform shape, and the natural rock waterfall, you may just forget that you’re in a pool and not your favorite backyard swimming hole.

Freeform pool with vanishing edge
Freeform pool with vanishing edge, spa, and natural stone accents.

Inground Texas Pool Shaped Like a Cowboy Boot

This classic in-ground pool offers a fun, custom boot shape that pays respect to Texas’s history as a frontier state populated with cowboys.

The top of the boot is perfect for people who want to swim and dive. The heel and toe of the boot are perfect for people who want to relax in the water.

This custom Texas concrete pool design is one you’ll never forget! Boot, scoot & boogie down to the pool.

Boot-shaped pool
Cowboy boot shaped pool with diving board.

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Now, that you’ve seen a few of our favorite concrete pool designs out of Houston, Texas, are you ready to build your own backyard oasis?

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools today to get started designing and building your inground pool.

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