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Educational Pool Games to Play With Your Kids

One of the biggest benefits of building and designing a pool in your own backyard is the extra opportunities it gives you to spend time with your family. Whether you have children or grandchildren, an inground pool is the perfect place to enjoy time together.

Anthony & Sylvan, in business for over 75 years, knows that this precious time with the younger generations is special. And it’s perfect for helping bring everyone in the household together. Here are a few recommended educational games to play with your kids in your new inground pool or renovated poolscape.

Build your Own Boat Challenge

The build your own boat challenge allows kids to use their creativity to design a boat that can float in your pool. Challenge your kids to find household items to use in assembling a boat that will actually float. Once each child has successfully built a floating boat, they can race them, or make it a science experiment by seeing how much their boat can hold. If you have LED pool lighting installed, you can make this game even more exciting by racing the boats at night!

Scrabble: Pool Edition

For this game, you will use a permanent marker and write letters on sponges. (You can get both of these items inexpensively at your local Dollar Tree store.) Once you have your letter sponges prepared, toss them in the pool. You will then send the kids swimming to gather them up. Each kid can see how many words they can make with the sponges they have gathered.

Create a Pool Whirlpool

This classic activity works best in a pool with a circular spa that allows you to walk the perimeter of the spa design using the bench. Get the kids lined up and have them start walking slowly around the spa bench, then pick up speed until they are running around it as fast as they can. With a little persistence, they will create a whirlpool current that they will love!

Ping Pong in the Pool

For this game, you will need a few handfuls of ping pong balls that you can number with a permanent marker. Toss the marked ping poll balls into the pool and give the kids some buckets. After you toss in the numbered ping pong balls, have the kids swim to collect them one by one and place them in their buckets. Once all the balls have been collected, have the children add up the numbers, and the child or team with the highest total is the winner.

Sight Word Hunt

This game combines reading, a scavenger hunt and swimming. To play, write some age appropriate sight words on diving sticks and throw them into the pool. Call out a word and have the kids swim as fast as they can to find that word. Whomever collects the most is this game’s winner.

Get Ready for Fun (and Learning) in Your Inground Pool From Anthony & Sylvan

If you don’t have a backyard inground pool, or your current pool is in need of an upgrade, it’s time to contact the pool design experts at Anthony & Sylvan. Request a free consultation or call us at 1-877-729-7946 today to get the pool games started!

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