A Guide to Financing Your Dream Outdoor Living Spaces

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

A Guide to Financing Stellar Outdoor Living Spaces

Investing in a pool can be a tremendous financial asset for homeowners – not to mention really fun. Outdoor living spaces are a great way to raise the value of your home, because many potential buyers are interested in a good-looking, one-of-a-kind backyard pool and recreation space for their families.

If you are thinking of financing a new outdoor living space for your family, Anthony & Sylvan has some great tips to help you make the most out of your investment.

Financing Solutions and Credit Ratings

Do your best to optimize your credit score before investigating outdoor living space options. Zero out credit card balances, pay bills on time, and don’t open new credit cards you don’t need so any project loan will be smaller and easier to manage.

Our Financing Partners

Proper financial planning for a new pool or spa is essential. Anthony & Sylvan work closely with several financial partners to help customers successfully execute their pool projects. Their finance partners will assess your current situation and come up with a plan that works best for you. Homeowners with less than perfect credit or minimal equity still have a variety of programs available to fit their budget.

Our financing partners include HFS Financial, LightStream, and Lyon Financial. Explore their specific rates, benefits, and extra perks to see which may be the ideal option for your family and financial situation.


Pool Financing Options

Pool financing extends to more than just pool installations and renovation. Add custom water features, including laminar jets, sheer descent waterfalls, or foundations for a dream backyard. Tile and mosaics add a unique artistic flare to any pool.

Many of our financing partners, such as HFS, can structure your financing to include amazing landscaping, outdoor kitchens, and more so you can create the perfect backyard now with an easy monthly payment plan.

Talk to our designers to find out what images and patterns are ideal for your pool palette. We can also add a pool decking or vibrant coping to give your pool the upscale-look of an exclusive resort and spa.

Find Out How Anthony & Sylvan Pool Can Help You Create Your Dream Backyard

We have a wealth of experience in the pool business and are here to help you make your dream backyard oasis a reality today. Contact us for a free pool consultation and our team of experts can help you get the pool and backyard living spaces you’ve always wanted with an easy and affordable financing solution.

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