What to Consider When Looking into Fiberglass Pools in Austin

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

What to Consider When Looking into Fiberglass Pools in Austin

Anthony & Sylvan has been building gorgeous and long-lasting swimming pools for over 75 years across the country and are one of Austin’s top pool builders. If you’re considering building a fiberglass pool for your Austin home, there are some important factors that you must consider before finalizing your design and breaking ground.

Although fiberglass pools can be great and have some perks – such as a very short installation period – you want to be sure that they have the capability to create the exact backyard pool that you desire. That’s why it’s important to consider these essential questions first.

Size and Shape of Fiberglass Pools vs. Concrete

The swimming pool shape is one of the first decisions you make when building your backyard dream. Although fiberglass pools have many shapes to choose from, you must choose a shell that properly fits your backyard. With concrete, you can have whatever shape you desire, offering the most customization freedom.
Since concrete pools are hand-crafted on site, you can pick whatever style you want…geometric with clean lines, natural free-form curves, or even both! Whatever pool shape you dream of, we can build it with concrete. Design features such as beach entries and vanishing edges are also more flexible to incorporate.

Customization & Making Your Pool Unique

Custom elements such as rock waterfalls, attached spas and mosaics help make your pool uniquely yours and set it apart from your neighbors and friends’ pools. However, not all of these custom elements are possible with a fiberglass pool. For instance, you cannot add an infinity edge to the side of your pool or a mosaic tile design to the bottom of the pool if it is made of fiberglass. If your ideal dream pool has many of these customization options in order to make it perfectly *you*, then you will need to build it from concrete.

Warranties on Fiberglass Pools & Concrete Can Be Different

We offer a lifetime structural warranty with all of our custom concrete pools and spas, which means you know your investment is covered for as long as you own your pool. Fiberglass pools have different warranties depending on the manufacturer. While these do not necessarily mean that the warranty is not as good, you should always read the warranty to fully understand what is covered.

Choose Anthony & Sylvan to Build Your Pool in Austin

If you’re ready to build a beautiful inground swimming pool in Austin, Anthony & Sylvan is the place to go. Our knowledgeable staff will help you make the right choice in pool size and shape that perfectly fits your backyard. We understand the hot Texas temperatures and the Hill Country’s rocky soil, so if you’re in the area, fill out our form online or call (512) 258-1232 to learn how to get your new swimming pool started.

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