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Common Pool Design Regrets & How to Avoid Them!

When you’re designing the pool you’ve always dreamed about, you’re investing in more than just a pool — it’s a place to create memories with friends and family. That’s why it’s important to really think about every detail during the design process.

To avoid pool design regrets later on down the road, consider these common pool design mistakes.

Not Thinking Long-Term

Because a dream pool is an investment, many soon-to-be pool owners only think about the short-term goal of getting a pool and paying for it. They typically don’t think about their overall vision and lack a detailed plan during the building process. When thinking through the long-term vision of how you want your backyard oasis to look, consider any water features, spas, landscaping, and other components that would complete your vision.

If you only think about the bottom line of cost instead of the full picture, you can end up spending more later when trying to add new features and still not achieving exactly what you wanted.

Even if you don’t purchase every feature now, you’ll be able to plan to add it later without running into any design and execution issues.

Not Designing for Your Space

While you could buy a pool from any company, you’re not going to utilize your backyard space best by going with cookie cutter.

When you talk to a Design Consultant at Anthony & Sylvan, they’ll help you find the best backyard custom solution that fits your needs and design aesthetic.

Not Installing a Beach Entrance or Tanning Ledge

People typically are on the fence about putting up the additional cost for a tanning ledge or beach entrance, but it’s a smart move for all ages and uses. Whether you want to set up a beach chair in the water to dip your toes in or have a shallow area for children to play, a beach entrance isn’t easily added down the line. It is often a regret of pool owners that they didn’t go ahead and incorporate these design elements in their original design.

Using a Swimming Pool Company

This may sound strange, since you’re looking for a pool, but there is a big difference between a pool company and pool designers and builders. Some companies will sell you a premade pool, but won’t consider your space, what features would best suit you, or build anything custom. With a pool design company, you’ll be able to create the true backyard paradise that you’re looking for.

Avoid Common Pool Design Regrets with Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Avoid these common regrets and more by working with true pool design experts. Reserve your complimentary design consultation with Anthony & Sylvan today.

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