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Charlotte Customer rates A&S a “5” out of a possible “5”

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools Charlotte Division prospect, Ilhan Aygun, rated Dan Okinowski’s level of expertise, care and attention to detail a “5” out of a possible “5” in a recent un-solicited customer survey done on-line.

The survey question was asked – “What about the appointment did you like the most?”

Of Dan, Mr. Aygun said, “The non pressurized approach of the Design Consultant. Dan was top notch.”

They gave him the highest score in the survey – testimony to the fact that Anthony & Sylvan Pools keeps Customer Satisfaction as their highest benchmark. That’s how they’ve managed to build more than 370,000 backyard swimming pools. Anthony & Sylvan Pools – it’s Where America Swims!

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