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Anthony and Sylvan has been designing and building quality in-ground swimming pools for families from coast to coast since 1946. Our team of professional builders has helped create thousands of backyard retreats. We constantly strive for complete customer satisfaction, use only the best materials and uphold rigorous standards.

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Choosing the Best Concrete Pool Design for Your Lifestyle

Let Anthony & Sylvan Pools Design and Customize Your Inground Concrete Pool With so many different types of concrete pool design options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best concrete pool design for your lifestyle. In the past, homeowners only had a few choices when it came to designing an inground concrete pool; however, […]

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Why Owning a Pool is Better than a Trip to the Beach

A dip in the pool versus a dip in the ocean: It’s a common dilemma, especially during the warmer months of the year. If you’re considering getting your own inground pool for your backyard, you’ll want to read the following article on why owning a pool is better than a costly beach trip that usually […]

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Making Your Pool Pet and Kid Friendly

Ensure your inground pool area is safe for children and pets with these pool safety tips from Anthony & Sylvan’s team of experts As a pool owner, you have a responsibility to keep your inground pool area safe for everyone — especially pets and kids. Dogs, especially those with shorter legs who aren’t good swimmers, […]

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Best Charlottesville Pool Builder

When choosing a pool builder in Charlottesville, it’s incredibly important to do your research. A backyard pool is a major investment that should not be taken lightly. Not only will it increase your property’s value, it will provide you with a great place to relax, hang out, and enjoy quality time with your friends and […]

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Renovating Your Pool for Cold Weather Use

While many people close their pool for 6-9 months every year, there are still a good amount of pool owners who choose to keep their pools open, offering water fun all year long. However, there are certain types of renovations that are necessary and recommended to protect your pool against harsh cold weather if you […]

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Solar Covers for Your Pool: The Top Nine Reasons to Get One Today

Getting a solar cover for your pool can have a lot of benefits. Solar covers can be a great investment for your pool for many reasons. We will discuss those reasons below. Benefit 1: Extend the Swimming Season Extend the swimming season by heating your pool with solar covers. The solar covers heat your pool […]

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Preparing Your Pool for a Pool Party

Imagine that you’re sitting next to your pool soaking up the sun. Your eyes are closed as your listening to your kids splashing in the water. You are excited that your friends are on their way to enjoy the warm summer’s sun and cool pool water with you. It’s a day full of relaxation and […]

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