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Beautifully Minimal Las Vegas Modern Pools

Las Vegas is known for its sophisticated, modern style with everything—including their pools. With a lot of Las Vegas pools, many of our clients have decided to go with a more minimal using contemporary edge design elements. This lends a glamorous appeal that has earned a specific association when people think of Las Vegas pools.

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It’s All About the Lines and Lights

With a minimal approach to the design of your pool, the lines and edges of the pool are straight and simple. Vanishing edges are added to the pool to create the illusion as if the shape of the pool molds into the shapes of the surrounding textures, whether that’s landscape, furniture, or architecture.

If a freeform design is applied to the shape of your pool, then surrounding features tend to be more minimal or natural. Rocks may be added to create a sense as if this pool has already been there—the ultimate idea of task minimalism!

Lights are also a great way to add a little bit extra to a minimal design. They allow customization that is as discreet or apparent as you would like. Your pool was pieced together with the intention to create a minimal approach and your extra features should exemplify just that.

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Pools and Minimalism

Las Vegas is filled with art and beauty. Why not include your pool as a piece of art? With the sleek geometric edges, a minimal approach allows you to focus on the beauty of the pool.

Minimalism takes away the stress of excess and nothing says relaxation more than a minimal pool design. It’s a design that is easy on the eyes as well as easy on the wallet—did we mention that this is an economical pool? With the correct maintenance, your Anthony & Sylvan pool will last for years. That means less money on maintenance and upkeep and more money in your pocket (i.e., minimalism on spending)!

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Meet Our Team of Las Vegas Pool Design Consultants

Anthony & Sylvan have a team of talented experts known as the Las Vegas Pool Design Consultants. They will help you with every design aspect of your pool, from minimal designs to extravagant features.

Because Las Vegas has year-round warm weather, a pool is one of the greatest investments to make. There is nothing like cooling off in your pool on a warm day. Meet our team of Las Vegas Pool Design Consultants today!

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