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Cleanliness Counts

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Amy Washburn (our Houston area construction scheduler) received an e-mail from one of the homeowners whose pool was under construction today. In it, the customer explains the cleanliness of the excavation crew and let Amy know how much he appreciated their attention to detail. Here is the e-mail:

Amy, I don’t know who is responsible for sending the excavation crew that came to my home yesterday, but I wanted to let you know that they couldn’t have done a better job.

Of course as they dug the pool and transported the dirt to the street, my driveway couldn’t have had more dirt on it, which of course was expected and nothing could be done about that. It was when they were getting ready to leave that was so surprising, I figured I was going to have to do some clean up work after they left, but before they were gone I looked down my driveway and you couldn’t tell that anyone had been there, they not only had all of the dirt removed from the driveway, but they removed any dirt that had fallen into my front yard as they made their way down the driveway to the dump truck in the street. Also, any trash that had accumulated in the yard as they worked, was removed before they left, no trash what so ever was left in my yard. I can tell you that after digging my pool, my home looked night and day different from my other neighbors when theirs were dug. Just wanted to say thanks and a great job.

Howard R.

Wait a minute….a BIG company that takes the time to do the little things that satisfy the customer? Our competitors say it can’t be done….but…we do it everyday, just as we have for the past 65 summers! That’s local service from the largest national pool builder in the history of the industry. Anthony & Sylvan….no wonder “It’s Where America Swims”

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