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Anthony & Sylvan Unveils Solstice in Doylestown

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.
banner2Anthony & Sylvan Pools formally began the next chapter in their six-decade history by unveiling their new Fiberglass Pool line in front of their Executive Offices in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
The installation of a beautiful new “Solstice” fiberglass pool display was completed last week and the banner was hung proclaiming “Take Me Home!” and “Swim in Two Weeks” which will inevitably draw lots of attention with prospective buyers in the Spring.
The day after the pool display was completed a late-night visitor knocked on the door of the showroom (after hours) and inquired about the pool with the cleaning crew vacuuming the office! Looks like this is a sign of things to come.

Anthony & Sylvan – it’s Where America Swims. No wonder!

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