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Anthony & Sylvan Spa Transformation

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

The Renovation specialists at A&S encounter unique job requests all the time, and in Mahwah, New Jersey this year a family asked them to refurbish a spa that is connected to their swimming pool. They wanted to freshen-up the look, change the tile, and fix some deterioration of the wall between the pool and the spa itself. The customer, Pam S. from Mahwah, thought it was a unique request – but it really wasn’t. At A&S, the renovation team satisfies these types of requests all the time.


Stetson Spa Before


Stetson Spa After

After the work was finished, Pam wrote a letter to the General Manager saying….

Good morning:

I am sorry I have not had a chance to write this sooner. The spa looks fantastic! We love it.

And, we appreciate your time and effort. The workman did a wonderful job and are true craftsman. Please let them know that we are very pleased with the results. And, as important, they were very nice and concerned about keeping the work area neat.

I will be happy to recommend you to other people interested in pool or spa renovations.

Thanks again for your hard work. We do appreciate it.

Best regards,


Looking at the “before” and “after” pictures above, I can certainly understand why Pam picked Anthony & Sylvan Pools to do their “unique” work!

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