Renovation Rally - Anthony & Sylvan Pools

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Anthony & Sylvan Pools – Renovation Rally!

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools Renovation Specialists are very busy right now as signs that the economy is improving resonate with existing pool owners.

Anthony & Sylvan established a modernization component of the swimming pool industry back in the early 1990’s when past customers with dated construction and obsolete equipment requested a “freshening-up” of their prized swimming pools. Soon thereafter, other homeowners that had their swimming pools built by other companies inquired too….and the business was born!

Today, many years later and after a tough winter, the phones are ringing off the wall and sales are up more than 140% over prior year at the same time. Smart customers are signing on with Anthony & Sylvan in droves and “getting in line” to have the finest craftsmen in the industry renovate their older pools – making them look new again!

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