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Anthony & Sylvan Pools March Madness Benefit

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.
Lenape School benefitIt was quite an NCAA “March Madness” Basketball Tournament this year, wasn’t it? All of the games on TV were very exciting and competitive – but none were as thrilling as the Anthony Sylvan March Madness basketball game held at the Lenape Middle School.

The game featured the Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultants vs. the Anthony & Sylvan NE Region Leadership team and proceeds benefited the Lenape/Mercer Tile Lobby Project at the middle school.

During the game many aches and pains were seen (and felt) as participants tried to re-live their youth and mimic their local college “B-Ball” stars in the March Madness Tournament. In the end, the DC’s, coached by veteran standout Lou Ziccarelli, “out-shot” their Leadership Team members and went on to victory. The real winners were the kids as Anthony Sylvan raised over $600 to help the school tile their lobby and preserve the local history with the Mercer Tile Works in Doylestown.
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