Anthony Sylvan Gives Great Advice

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Anthony Sylvan Gives Great Advice

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

Dave & Cindy Meredith of Downingtown, PA recently wrote a Thank You letter to Anthony Sylvan Pools for recommending the Clear Vision product for their new pool a few years ago. Having owned more than one swimming pool in their lives, they were skeptical about the cartridge doing what we said it would do when the pool was sold, but they went forward based upon their faith in their Anthony Sylvan pool designer – Mr. Tim Clark.

Now, after using the pool for a few years, they have grown so accustomed to the Clear Visions product and all of its wonderful benefits that they told us about their experiences in a letter.

Mrs. Meredith wrote that they “are extremely happy with the results”, and “the water quality has been outstanding”, and finally “not once in almost two years have we had green water or any algae”.

Anthony & Sylvan offers the most advanced alternatives to chlorine for your backyard pool, so why not inquire today?

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