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Anthony Sylvan DC calms the nervous waters!

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

One of Anthony & Sylvan Pools most successful Design Consultant’s (Mike Neilio) recently received a “vote of confidence” from a customer that just signed on to build with A&S.

John & Eileen Regester wrote,


I know Eileen has spoken to you, but I just wanted to also tell you that we are excited to be working with you. We had interviewed 4 companies extensively and although there were some pricing differences and some pricing similarities – the main factor in our decision was that no one made us feel as comfortable about moving forward with them on this huge project as much as you did. Your expertise & confidence in your company and processes made us feel very much at ease. Not that we aren’t still a bit nervous (of course with a project of this scope who wouldn’t be) but we know at least we have the right man in charge.



An extensive interview process with four other pool builders eventually led the Regester’s to the same conclusion that literally hundreds of people before them have…Mike Neilio is the pool guy around town. He designs anddelivers!

Another example of great support from top to bottom – that’s the Anthony Sylvan way!

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