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5 Simple Steps to Designing Your In Ground Pool

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

Dream In Ground PoolReady to design the perfect in ground pool for you and your family? Check out these five steps, and find out what to expect throughout the process, from design to maintenance.

Choosing the Right In Ground Pool Builder

When choosing the right pool builder to design your dream in ground pool, it’s important to take three things into consideration: experience, quality, and customer care.

Anthony & Sylvan has been making in ground pools a reality for over 75 years. Our pool builders are licensed professionals who use only the highest quality materials to ensure long lasting, low maintenance in ground pools.

As you work with Anthony & Sylvan to build your ultimate backyard pool haven, you will be a part of the team every step of the way. Our pool experts will walk you through the design process, construction, care, and maintenance of your in ground pool.

Selecting Your In Ground Pool Type

Anthony & Sylvan offers two types of in ground pools: concrete and fiberglass.  It is important to look at the benefits of each to choose the in ground pool that will best fit your needs.

Anthony & Sylvan uses gunite, a specific type of concrete, to construct our concrete pools. Gunite concrete is applied pneumatically to the frame of the pool, and is known as a highly durable, yet lightweight option.

Concrete pools typically take between 5-8 weeks to install, but will give you the most freedom in customizing your in ground pool. Gunite in ground pools are also able to match just about any backyard theme due to the wide variety of interior surfaces available.

If you’re looking for an in ground pool with a shorter installation time, fiberglass can be an excellent option. Anthony & Sylvan offers hundreds of semi-custom fiberglass in ground pools with stairs and seating already built in.  Fiberglass in ground pools are low maintenance and come with a smooth, slip resistant surface finish.

Customizing Your Dream In Ground Pool

This is the fun part! The team at Anthony & Sylvan will help you choose the shape that will look the best while using your outdoor space efficiently. We offer a wide variety of classic and geometric pool designs that create a simple elegance using clean, straight lines. We also specialize in free-form pools that provide beautiful contours with a unique flare.

Other fun pool customization options include: waterfalls, slides, colored lights, and attached spas.

Choosing Your In Ground Pool Equipment

There are many options to choose from when selecting equipment for an in ground pool.  A few items you must have are chlorine, a pool cleaner, and a filter.  These three items are necessary in order to keep your pool clean and bacteria free. Not only does this equipment keep your in ground pool sanitary, but they will also keep your pool beautiful and help it last longer.

If you do not feel comfortable using and operating your in ground pool equipment yourself, Anthony & Sylvan also offers comprehensive, weekly pool service to help you maintain your backyard retreat.

Other pool equipment is optional, but may add comfort or ease while you are enjoying your new pool.  For example, solar coverings are an energy efficient way to warm your pool and keep leaves and other debris out of the water.

Making Your In Ground Pool Safe

After the pool is constructed, the final step is ensuring all safety precautions are taken to protect the well-being of the pool owners and guests.

Most pool code regulations require that you have a fence completely surrounding your in ground pool. Anthony & Sylvan are familiar with national and local pool safety codes and offer a variety of fencing options.

Another safety tip is to install a small shed or storage facility with a lock close by. Be sure to securely place all pool chemicals here to prevent children and pets from finding them. A nearby storage unit will also provide you with a place to put all those great rafts and fun pool toys, giving you more space to play!

Let’s Design Your In Ground Pool!

Anthony & Sylvan will guide you through the exciting process of designing your in ground pool. Come take a one of a kind journey with us to turn your dream pool into a reality.

Call 1 (877) 729-7946 or fill out our online request form to schedule your pool design consultation.

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