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360,000 Pools for 360,000 Reasons

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

At Anthony and Sylvan, we have created well over 360,000 pools and spas over the last over 75 years for some really incredible people, and each of their reasons for getting an inground swimming pool was as unique as they are.Many of them have shared their experiences with us, and we hope their stories will inspire you to get the pool of your dreams for your own reasons:

Bill Alan’s Alternative to Happy Hour
“We used to go to the watering hole after work, spend a lot, and not feel any more relaxed. Now we come home, slip into tee shirts and shorts and hang out by the pool. That, my friend, is relaxing!”

B.A. – Spring, TX

Troop 23’s Club House“The girls have taken over the pool and use it as their space. It gets them out of the house, away from the TV set, and it’s great physical exercise. They think it’s just cool, and I can keep a watchful eye on them.”

L.S. – Las Vegas, NV

Barbara Levi’s Chill Pill“In my job, I get so stressed out, but when I put some Jimmy Buffet on the stereo and hop into my new spa, the stress is gone in minutes. Thanks for helping me decide to add it on!”

B.L. – Doylestown, PA

Curtis Fulton’s Time Out“Our boy is one wound-up guy, and every now and then we have to slow him down. TV, Video Games, Computers… He starts flying around and not listening. Too much stimulus. So I send him out to the pool to chill out. It works. Just ask his sister!”

B.F. – Las Vegas, NV

Swimming 101
“My children are just getting to the age that they can learn to swim. With our new pool, now they can learn in private and on our schedule, not just when the instructors are available and saving our family the road trip. ”
S.L. – Cape Arthur, MD
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